The Fringes of Mainstream Faith

In Golden States of Grace: Prayers of the Disinherited, Rick Nahmias photographs the members of the fringes of mainstream faiths: a transgender gospel choir, imprisoned Zen Buddhists, Jewish addicts, Cambodian Muslims, and deaf Mormons. “The mainstream faiths were chosen specifically so the groups profiled were not easily dismissed. These are folks that are on the margins of society, but they’re following for the most part mainstream traditions,” Nahmias said. “I felt it would help build that bridge.” Nahmias stopped by Zócalo’s offices to chat about the communities he profiles, the commonality between them, and what makes California so fruitful a place for religious diversity.

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*Photo by Rick Nahmias of the Puja Room of a member of Kashi Ashram in Los Angeles, a Hindu center devoted to individuals who are HIV-positive or fighting life-threatening disease.


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