If These Walls Could Talk

Photographs and Drawings from Allied Works Architecture/Brad Cloepfil: Occupation


For over a decade, architect Brad Cloepfil and his firm, Allied Works Architecture, have been designing some of the United States’s most influential public, institutional, commercial, and residential buildings. A new monograph, Allied Works Architecture/Brad Cloepfil: Occupation documents some of their major projects, like New York City’s Museum of Arts and Design and Portland, Oregon’s Wieden+Kennedy Building, as well as the progress of their work, from original inspiration through drawing and modeling, and finally, construction. This slideshow is a small window into their art.

Buy the book: Skylight Books, Powell’s, Amazon.

*Drawings and photographs courtesy of Allied Works Architecture (forest site sketch, Dutchess County guest house model, Wieden+Kennedy site photo, Bennington Library sketch, Seattle Art Museum sketch, Musée National des Beaux-Arts du Québec model and rendering); Sally Schoolmaster (Wieden+Kennedy interior photo); Hélène Binet (Sun Valley residence interior, Museum of Arts and Design photo); Richard Barnes (Museum of Arts and Design construction); Jeremy Bittermann (University of Michigan Museum of Art interior).