Check Out the New Zócalo

An Ideas Exchange With a Head and a Heart

Nearly 10 years ago, in April 2003, Zócalo Public Square started presenting smart, fun, free events and receptions around Los Angeles.

Four years ago, we started publishing smart, fun, free articles to turn our events into a bigger conversation.

Last year, we brought on four accomplished editors to expand our web presence and take us to the next level.

Today, we’re throwing it all together and reinventing ourselves as an Ideas Exchange, a seamless and innovative blend of live events and digital humanities journalism.

Our mission hasn’t changed—we are still committed to building community by humanizing and sharing ideas, and to bringing together the broadest possible audiences.

What is new is our carefully curated, integrated approach to events and journalism, and a beautiful new website that allows us to better highlight our many features.

Our new format should signal to everyone that after nearly 10 years of existence we here at Zócalo are doubling down and investing in our future.

By the end of December, we will have presented 70 events in 11 cities and published over 600 articles in 2012. Outside of Los Angeles, we have hosted programs in Phoenix, Fresno, Bakersfield, Tucson, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, Riverside, and Washington, D.C. Here in L.A., we are proud to call many of the city’s finest cultural institutions our partners.

Our goal is to create—day after day—an eclectic, serendipitous, accessible, generous, civilized refuge for ideas, where you can escape the suffocating, which-side-are-you-on narrowness of so much of contemporary political and intellectual life.

All of us here at Zócalo are committed to asking fundamental, visceral questions about the complicated issues facing our world. We’re not trying to be clever, hip, or seductively oblique and exclusive. What we’re after is that rare combination of intellectual clarity and human touch. We’re looking for the connection between head and heart, big ideas and real-life experience.

We invite you to check out our new website. If you like what you see, we invite you to come back tomorrow and the next day.

Gregory Rodriguez is publisher and founding director of Zócalo Public Square. He wishes to thank The Ahmanson Foundation for underwriting the redesign and development of Zócalo's new website.
*Photo by Aaron Salcido, The Fowler Museum at UCLA.
  • Kscheuer

    Congratulations on your anniversary, and more importantly, on the great job you’ve done. You have enriched LA, and me.

  • I can’t believe it’s been almost ten years since your first event, Gregory. Congratulations on your past contributions and I am looking forward to ZOCALO 3.0.

  • I’m very grateful for the existence of Zocalo, and its generous approach to sharing ideas in Los Angeles.

  • Congratulations, Zocalo! And beautiful photo of the Fowler.

  • Vladimir Jefferson

    Congratulations to the Zocalo’s Organization and fabulous staff for having the imagination, creative talent and management to be able to offer the LA Community a most stimulating mix of entertaining and intellectual discourse, food for both the heart and mind.

  • hectorskeltor

    Congrats Zocalo, you’re a true LA gem.

  • Theresa Chavez

    Gregory and Zócalo Staff past and present,
    CONGRATS! You’ve rocked our world! Thanks for making L.A. the center of your universe and continuing to reveal it’s intriguing and amazing life.

  • Gregory, Dulce, and Co.: You guys really are doing amazing work. I’m so grateful that Zócalo continues to help connect Angelenos and to further thoughtful discourse. I look forward to more discussion and the continued sharing of ideas.

  • Dinah Berland

    Warmest congratulations, Gregory! Without question, Zócalo produces the most fascinating public programs in town with the most interesting guests. More than one event has brought me into contact with people I’m grateful to have met. Thank you for everything you do, and all the best to Zócalo going forward!

  • Congratulations to all Zocalo’s finest people that every day put so much work to share all their wonderful ideas. Specially to my daughter Dulce.

  • Congratulations to Zocalo finest people that every day work so hard to bring us their excellent ideas. Especially to my daughter Dulce.

  • JamesKoenig

    Congratulations Gregory!!

  • juepucta

    Congrats guys. You made me a more informed person and made my years in LA even more enjoyable. May you be around for many more years.