She lets go
in three ways,

and in the wake
of this small miracle,

they leave the water.
They become

He hands her

something red
and tells her

the story
of a woman

who was
gathering stones

a week ago
and they caught fire

in her pocket.
The sun is

just right
above them.

The sheep-shorn moon
is above them

in the blue sky.
Both are.

The prevalence
of the whites

of the gulls
around the moon

makes the moon float.
The woman feels

like a nucleus,
joyously small.

Michelle Mitchell-Foust is the author of two books of poetry, Circassian Girl and Imago Mundi, both from Elixir Press. She is curently editing an anthology, Monstrous Verse, which will be published by Everyman Press in 2014.
*Photo courtesy of eivindtjohei.
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