I spent an entire year refusing
to spell “rhododendron” correctly.
About six months in, I met a woman
who refused to spell “heinous” correctly.
Together we refused to spell “The
rhododendron is heinous” correctly.
This resulted in a torrid affair. But
I didn’t know how long she planned
to stick to her resolution, and when
I asked her we had our first fight.
Eventually she broke things off.
I don’t even know where she lives now.

Aaron Belz is a graduate of the NYU Creative Writing Program and the author of two books of poetry: The Bird Hoverer (BlazeVOX, 2007) and Lovely, Raspberry (Persea, 2010). His third book, Not So Much, is forthcoming from Persea. Visit his website at http://belz.net.
*Photo courtesy of paigeh.
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