Wet Origami

In honor of Akira Yoshizawa


Precision, order, diamond creases
no staircase out of poverty

no airs: visionary, patient, art expects
nothing in return

formulae to map root
papyrus, our first unfolding

to throw it all in fire, to douse
to drown, image

of sacred house, tree leaves
a template of the hidden scene

a master works without proof
of fame, pours water

against leaves, drying
parchments absorbing all

elements. To soften, to form
(no fungus, no mold) something

takes hold, spins the wheel to a different
key, spindles the paper animal

and sets it free.

Marc Malandra’s work has appeared in nearly 30 different venues, including Ascent, Caveat Lector, Flyway, Orange Coast Review, Poetry Northwest, and South Florida Poetry Review. He teaches American literature at Biola University in La Mirada, California.
*Photo courtesy of Claudia M&M.
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