Then you were alone with your moth’s
Tears, wisp of a body darting
Against the screen’s unrelenting wire, surely a
Sun awaits, blurred by the mesh

Veil. How light would insist – any orb,
Planet or flame tendering equal gravity,
Antennae compelled headlong. A draft –

You would rearrange air
For any sensed opening, finely dusted
Wings unrelenting in their course, a blinking

Haphazard pursuit of horizon. Entry and
Egress – current stilled, suddenly.
To what pale surface did you press
Your panting silhouette?

Kalicia Pivirotto received a MFA from Saint Mary's College of California in 2003, and holds degrees in Italian and English from San Francisco State University. She has been published in 26, Five Fingers Review, and Transfer Magazine. She has lived in California, Massachusetts, and Italy.
*Photo courtesy of Everett Collection.
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