Obama Has Finally Hit His Foreign-Policy Stride

James Mann on How the White House Stumbled Its Way To Competence

Like most presidents, Barack Obama took office with minimal foreign-policy experience—and, notes James Mann, author of The Obamians, it showed. But a philosophy did underlie White House policy: a return to foreign policy realism in the mold of George H. W. Bush and Brent Scowcroft. To some extent, the White House has been faithful to this approach, but tumult in the Middle East has required more “idealism” than expected. James Mann gives us a concise summation of his findings in Zócalo’s 3-Minute Drill.

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Did Obama Blunder In War?

Rajiv Chandrasekaran Sums Up the Afghan Mess-Quickly

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Al Qaeda Still Packs a Punch

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T.A. Frank Grills Thomas Frank

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