Freeways connect
The Golden State
3 strikes
You’re out
Life is no
Ball game
Displacing families
San Francisco to
Chavez Ravine
Giants throw children
In cages
Lost California dreams
Wrapped in foreclosed homes
Become profits
A living income
Is out of reach
Cities have buffer cities
Keep the poor ones
Who built them out
From Cupertino
To San Marino
Keep it moving
Down the west coast
Down these streets
Go …

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O sister on the other side
of the mirror, all sass and vinegar.  
Galaxy of lace and petticoats 
and pretty things swept under 
the radar.  You are a vintage 
ditty, hiding …

The Night Moving

How does the night move?
There must be a moment
when it moves over your body.
You are half night, half day then,
you are a sister to the moon,

The Santa Anas


from here the earth
is a shade of the darkest
blue before black

i look out the window
and i know where we are

where the desert looks
like the ocean at …

Regarding the Man With the Stolen Past

Imagine a novel about a man who
never knew his early years; it comes across as

a fictionalized story that nevertheless feels overwhelming
in the rich particularity of his life, …

Sand and Bone

                (Todd’s Point, Reid State Park, Maine)

I came shivering, knowing how lines of the tide
will use seaweed, and sea-drift, and sea-wrack (and …