If those without memory live nowhere
then the reverse must be true and

we live everywhere at once, in places
        exhumed, reanimated
so often we forget their names

We forget so much these days:

        which road took us to St. Mark’s
where the lighthouse was
                    the native names of rivers
        we threw ourselves into
pale …

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Full Gallop

I return to the house a little more burned,
a little more
peopled by your faces turned toward that horserace
the past

where we are from, where winter warps


The rain was righteous and godless,
and when together, in a room during such rain,

our concerns took on the disposition
of a purse full of shattered glass.

How is a person …

Losing My Parents in a Small CVS Drug Store

A woman who looks as old as them says try by the toilet paper.
My parents might be the ones stooped over, calculating the price
per quilted sheet.

An employee …

Genesis 1:27

If nobody believes a liar
when they tell the truth,
then imagine it reversed:

the villagers sent home
from the field with nothing
but disappointing gossip.

Mother at her sewing
machine, the …

Double Exposures



I walked down the street towards the subway attentive to the shifting geography ahead, to the uneven sidewalk, which looked as though an active fault line ran below. …