While Watching Ice Dancing, I Contemplate Mortality

We must endeavor to be our pastoral selves. I am looking into
the refrigerator. I am thinking of Mr. Rogers. Before bed I listen
to him being impossibly gentle through my headphones. I wake up
thinking of my friends and their great powers. Ministry of the absurd.
Ministry of sleep. Ministry of living very close to mortality, of
races on wheels close to the ground. I sleep, when …

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Spring Draw-Down

You tiny flowers, cream and purple,
you smooth and sloping greens of lawn
on the sandy rings of this reservoir,
why do you bother? Soon you will be
as …


When I left my body, the voyageurs nibbled the bones
& yelped, feeling willful & saintly, with nothing
up their sleeves. Except that the aftermath was not what
they thought …


C: I’m Claire, I’m an avid reader, aspiring writer, and I collect a lot of books filling the entire house so there are only narrow crevices to squeeze …


Furiously I’ve forgotten
who gave me the jigsaw puzzle
in exchange for Danny. The box
covers my crosslegged lap,
shrink-wrapped, and rattling
from inside.

Aquaman in orange rises
with his …


No one but Spock and God
are entirely or even
mostly rational. No one
but you and I are entirely
or even half irrational.

And yet I should say,
I’d rather …