The rain was righteous and godless,
and when together, in a room during such rain,

our concerns took on the disposition
of a purse full of shattered glass.

How is a person supposed to live regularly
in the world with the particulars of a lover’s

bare body making for years a tide the mind?
Time, when the two of us were near, disassembled,

and the light that found our flesh was a sentence said
by a voice seeming vaster …

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Losing My Parents in a Small CVS Drug Store

A woman who looks as old as them says try by the toilet paper.
My parents might be the ones stooped over, calculating the price
per quilted sheet.

An employee …

Genesis 1:27

If nobody believes a liar
when they tell the truth,
then imagine it reversed:

the villagers sent home
from the field with nothing
but disappointing gossip.

Mother at her sewing
machine, the …

Double Exposures



I walked down the street towards the subway attentive to the shifting geography ahead, to the uneven sidewalk, which looked as though an active fault line ran below. …

Stanzas to Those Just Arriving

Once in autumn’s ease date palm branches
swung over my back, sugars creamed inside their skins—
I’d never have guessed owls would nest in
anything called the phoenix, that we’d …

America’s Got Talent

A one night stand in Jackson, Mississippi.

The soft opening outside Cheyenne.

There’s a laughing gull on Miami Beach

& the ampersand tattoo you didn’t

regret getting in Portland,

although you …