Go Ahead: Love Television Today

And Don’t Slight the Shows About Cupcakes

How much should we love what’s on TV? A panel of critics, producers, and television writers agreed that a lot of shows today are excellent and that viewers have more choices than ever. But they didn’t reach consensus on much else. Instead, in front of a crowd at the Grand Avenue MOCA, at an event co-presented with Occidental College, they cheerfully locked horns. Moderator Kim Masters, host of KCRW’s The Business and editor-at-large at The Hollywood Reporter, opened the evening by asking if this is TV’s golden age. Homeland and Cold Case writer and producer Meredith Stiehm said she was of two minds. “I might say that the network show is dwindling, quality-wise,” Stiehm explained, pointing to the rise of a lot of lousy reality television. But cable is “golden, at least as far as drama goes.” Occidental College historian …

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