What Will That Feisty SCOTUS Do Next?

Journalist Linda Greenhouse Assesses the Trajectory of the Roberts-Era Supreme Court

In three decades of covering the Supreme Court for The New York Times, Linda Greenhouse wrote about 2,700 cases. In front of a large crowd at the Skirball Cultural Center, Greenhouse—now the Knight Distinguished Journalist in Residence at Yale Law School—spoke with fellow legal journalist turned scholar Henry Weinstein, a professor of law and literary journalism at UC Irvine, about some of the court’s landmark cases throughout history and its role in American life today. It’s been almost exactly 40 years since the Roe v. Wade decision came down; why, asked Weinstein, has a decision that was supported by seven of the nine justices in 1972 since caused so much uproar? Greenhouse noted that when Roe came down, “there wasn’t much of a brouhaha.” The court seemed to be following a national consensus. Newspapers in Texas, where the law was …

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