What Happens to a Homeless Veteran?

Jymm Has Two Purple Hearts. He Left L.A.’s Streets to Live on His Own—Then Ended Up in the Hospital.

A volunteer and veteran who did not want to be identified poses with his memorial-patched vest at the 13th annual StandDown in Phoenix,

Jymm is a Vietnam vet with two Purple Hearts who ended up homeless in Santa Monica. When I met him, he’d been on the streets off and on for about two decades. He was not alone. In fact, there are 6,300 homeless veterans in L.A. County, the largest concentration in the U.S. At a summit held yesterday in Century City, First Lady Michelle Obama said the idea of even one homeless veteran should “horrify us all.” But back when I met Jymm in 2008, he was highly suspicious of shelters, …

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