Marvel Studios Vice President of Development and Production Nate Moore

I’d Like to See the World Through Teleportation

Nate Moore is Vice President, Development and Production at Marvel Studios; he worked on Black Panther, and previously on Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War. Before taking part in a Zócalo/UCLA panel discussion titled “Will Black Panther Really Change Hollywood?” at the ArcLight Hollywood, he spoke in the green room about superheroes, his high school theater teacher, and the value of looking for good ideas in bad scripts.

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Novelist and Memoirist Tananarive Due

I’m So Glad I Wrote a Book With My Mother

Tananarive Due teaches Afrofuturism and Black Horror at UCLA and in the creative writing and screenwriting MFA programs at Antioch University Los Angeles/Santa Barbara. The American Book Award winner and …

Duke University Professor Mark Anthony Neal

I Love a Kevin Costner Movie and a Marvin Gaye Song

Mark Anthony Neal is Professor of African-American Studies and Professor of English at Duke University, where he is Chair of the Department of African & African-American Studies and Director of …

UCLA Social Sciences Dean Darnell Hunt

I’d Like to Have Super Speed Like the Flash

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President of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Claudia Puig

I Love The Lives of Others and Hate Forrest Gump

Claudia Puig, president of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, is currently a critic for NPR’s “FilmWeek” and a contributor to NPR’s “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered.” Before moderating …

Oxford Political Scientist Stein Ringen

I Lost a Bridge Partner Over the Brexit Issue

Stein Ringen is an Oxford University political scientist and author of The Perfect Dictatorship: China in the 21st Century. Before taking part in a Zócalo/KCRW Berlin panel discussion titled “What …