Film Producer and Founder of Russian Media Monitor Julia Davis

There Is No Substitute for Traditional Ukrainian Foods

Julia Davis is a Ukraine-born film producer and founder of the Russian Media Monitor, which analyzes Russian state media in the broader context of the Kremlin’s propaganda. Before taking part in a Zócalo/Japanese American National Museum Event panel discussion titled “Can U.S. Democracy Survive Russian Information Warfare?” she spoke in the green room about playing with her cat, beach vacations, and the advice she got from her father.

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Historian and Documentary Filmmaker Bettany Hughes

I Had to Pretend to Be a Boy at the Local Cricket Club

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Johns Hopkins University Historian Martha S. Jones

I Helped My French Mother-in-Law Watch Gone with the Wind Critically

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University of Manchester Egyptologist Joyce Tyldesley

I Still Have a Little Sarcophagus That I Made, with a Mummy Inside

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UCLA Archaeologist Kara Cooney

I Did Some Pretty Weird Modeling Gigs

Kara Cooney is a UCLA archaeologist and the author of The Woman Who Would Be King: Hatshepsut’s Rise to Power in Ancient Egypt. Before taking part in a Zócalo/Getty panel …

Host of KCRW’s “Press Play” Madeleine Brand

I’m Kind of Obsessed with Painting

Madeleine Brand is a broadcast journalist and the host of KCRW’s “Press Play.” Before moderating a Zócalo/Daniel K. Inouye Institute event titled “How Can Americans Defend the 14th Amendment When …