Obamacare, Meet Your Schoolmarm. Her Name Is Healthy San Francisco.

What National Lessons Can We Learn from the City by the Bay’s Health Reform History?

Chris Rauber, Sandra Hernandez, Deisy Bach, Tangerine Brigham

Before Obamacare became part of the American lexicon—before Barack Obama had been elected president—San Francisco implemented healthcare reform of its own. What can Healthy San Francisco, which launched in 2007 to subsidize medical care for the city’s uninsured, teach the rest of the country? At an event co-presented by The California Wellness Foundation at PPIC in downtown San Francisco, California HealthCare Foundation president Sandra Hernández, former Healthy San Francisco director Tangerine Brigham, and HR Ideas CEO Deisy Bach looked at the city’s past in order to better understand the country’s …

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