Hawaii—Where Everyone Is Your Aunty

Call It a Melting Pot, a Bento Box, or Chop Suey. The Aloha State Has Much to Teach America About How to Be One Big Family

hawaii wimbta panel

A melting pot. A bento box. Chop suey. Wontons with chips.

Hawaii is such an assortment of races, ethnicities, and cultures that it’s hard to pick just one way to describe its unique mix. So what can it teach the rest of America about how different people can all live together?

In front of a lively full house at the Kaka‘ako Agora in Honolulu, a panel moderated by Leslie Wilcox of PBS Hawaii took on this question at a Zócalo/Smithsonian “What It Means to Be American” event in partnership with the …

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