I’m a Strong Supporter of L.A. Mayor What’s-His-Face

What Should We Make of the Political Apathy of Angelenos?

Frank Gilliam, Tracy Zeluff, Fernando Guerra, Joe Mathews

So few Angelenos voted this year that Eric Garcetti was elected mayor with just 222,300 votes—the same number it took to get elected mayor in the 1930s, when L.A. was half its present size. At a “Thinking L.A.” event co-presented with UCLA, local political experts talked about why Angelenos are so reluctant to go to the polls, whether it matters, and what might change things.

Zócalo California editor Joe Mathews, the panel’s moderator, opened the conversation with data to demonstrate the underrepresentation of the L.A. electorate. Demographically, our voter turnout lags …

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