L.A. Greats of Film and Food Jon Favreau and Roy Choi Screen ‘Chef’

The ‘My Favorite Movie’ Series Launches With a Love and Laugh Fest

Evan Kleiman, Roy Choi, Jon Favreau

In 2009, Zócalo was the first L.A. organization to invite Roy Choi—then a restaurant-chef-turned-food-truck-operator who was selling Korean barbecue-filled tacos on the streets of Southern California—to speak on a panel about food. Five years later, back on Zócalo’s stage, Choi told a massive, standing-room-only crowd that “it’s nice to come full circle.” He was launching the Zócalo/KCRW “My Favorite Movie” series at downtown’s Million Dollar Theatre.

Today, Choi’s restaurant empire stretches across the city, he’s the author of a memoir, L.A. Son, and he and his partners have even opened …

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