Culver City

Eric Liu: Citizen Who

The Actors' Gang
9070 Venice Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232
Parking located in the Ince Parking Structure next to Trader Joe's on Culver and Ince Streets.

If you look beneath the rhetoric of many of our deepest political and cultural disagreements, what is often at issue is a simple question: what does it mean to be an American citizen? In a provocative one-man performance, former Clinton White House speechwriter Eric Liu, author of The Gardens of Democracy and The Accidental Asian, takes us on the journeys of five Americans who took unexpected paths to reach new understandings of what it means to be a citizen. Weaving together autobiography, reporting, and conversations with ordinary Americans, Liu tells stories and inhabits roles to explore all the conundrums and paradoxes of being part of Club America. He also reflects on the path his parents took in the 1950s from Taiwan to New York City. Should everyone, even the native-born, have to earn citizenship rather than just be given it? Who are we, and what do we owe one another, and who gets to be American and who does not?

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