Double Exposures

By Madhu H. Kaza

I walked down the street towards the subway attentive to the shifting geography ahead, to the uneven sidewalk, which looked as though an active fault line ran below. ...

Genesis 1:27

By Paul Tran

If nobody believes a liar/ when they tell the truth,/ then imagine it reversed:/ the villagers sent home/ from the field with nothing/ but disappointing gossip. ...

Stanzas to Those Just Arriving

By Rae Gouirand

Once in autumn’s ease date palm branches/ swung over my back, sugars creamed inside their skins—/ I’d never have guessed owls would nest in
anything called the phoenix, that we’d practice confessions/ watching their shapes come and go on the way out/ to prey. But night hung beautifully and/ time practiced meaningless phrases. These I didn’t pick/ but pitted for us, amber in their red skins, so syrupy/ and rich. Somehow they crystallize both ... heaviness and light—

My Friend Asked Me To Teach Her Daughter To Kickbox

By Jenny Liou

And so I drove through February to find a twelve-year old/ outside in shorts, a t-shirt, and boxing gloves. She’s strong enough to/ hurt me, if I let her, and she learns the way a child learns, her whole/ heart behind every punch. ...


By Ryan Canlas

The honeysuckle’s taste went white down our backs. Grass became soft bones and sun. We searched without knowing it for a sense of a collective. The pollen/ glossed our skin and we tongued it ...

America’s Got Talent

By Jenny Browne

A one night stand in Jackson, Mississippi./ The soft opening outside Cheyenne./ There’s a laughing gull on Miami Beach/ & the ampersand tattoo you didn’t/ regret getting in Portland ...

The Laughter Age

By July Westhale

When I am there, many empires from now/ laughter will be a thing of the past. The Laughter Age./ Which will have ruled longer than the Ottoman,/ but not as long as the Byzantine. Which will have/ kept us in stitches and fits long enough to notice/ its absence, but not enough to remember its balm./ You will buy me a gyro wrapped in the news, since/ many things change but some do not, and we still need/ print journalism. It remains a flea market, though pests ...

While Watching Ice Dancing, I Contemplate Mortality

By Joanna Penn Cooper

We must endeavor to be our pastoral selves. I am looking into/ the refrigerator. I am thinking of Mr. Rogers. Before bed I listen/ to him being impossibly gentle through my headphones. I wake up/ ...

[For all the world, for all the noise]

By Justin Rigamonti

For all the world, for all the noise, just close your eyes. Then open them./ I see a sunshine & a wind. Okay, I see the grassy plaza, two cement paths in/ cruciform, I see the/ yellow siding ...

Spring Draw-Down

By Paul Willis

You tiny flowers, cream and purple,/ you smooth and sloping greens of lawn/ on the sandy rings of this reservoir,/ why do you bother? ...


By L. S. Klatt

When I left my body, the voyageurs nibbled the bones/ & yelped, feeling willful & saintly, with nothing/ up their sleeves. Except that the aftermath was not what/ they thought ...


By Kate Durbin

C: I’m Claire, I’m an avid reader, aspiring/ writer, and I collect a lot of books filling/ the entire house so there are only narrow ...


By Joshua Hagler

Furiously I’ve forgotten/ who gave me the jigsaw puzzle/ in exchange for Danny. The box/ covers my crosslegged lap,/ shrink-wrapped, and rattling/ from inside./ Aquaman in orange rises/ with his trident from the sea./ His friends descend from the top of the picture./ Offshore/ an oil rig between them burns./ I am six and shirtless and dripping/ wet on the trampoline. I am/ a superhero. A hovering/ jet breathes hoarsely overhead ...


By Kristina Bicher

a cello's voice rises up the stairwell/ Russians just dug up more ancient birchbark scrolls/ send me shirt towell trousers reins wrote a man called/ Onus ...


By Aaron Belz

No one but Spock and God/ are entirely or even/ mostly rational. No one/ but you and I are entirely / or even half irrational./ And yet I should say,/ I’d rather ...

A Preserved Darkness

By Ryan Collins

The world ends but the territory goes on. The world ends like the horizon, like the/ curvature of the earth whether anyone believes it exists. The world ends & beyond its/ end burns a signal fire human eyes cannot see, smoke noses cannot detect even/ downwind. The world ends downwards & depends on where feet are placed, the/ direction faced. The world ends in one direction—away from the territory, weather in its/ chest.

Each Day Travelling

By Elizabeth Jacobson

Hello Buson!/ I found another dead snake on the road today/ and thought of you, the way you said Use the commonplace/ to escape the commonplace. Your square face ...


By Julia Laxer

Last night she burned her wishes. With her mother, down beside the river. Sparks. Burning bits/ of paper… Fluttering lambs, laid to rest in the sky… We make these wishes ...

On Children

By Timothy E.G. Bartel

To help them sleep is a creative act:/ You choose what seems a fitting setting: bed./ You plot a structure: prayers, then lullaby,/ Then slowly slowing down the tune until ...