A Preserved Darkness

By Ryan Collins

The world ends but the territory goes on. The world ends like the horizon, like the/ curvature of the earth whether anyone believes it exists. The world ends & beyond its/ end burns a signal fire human eyes cannot see, smoke noses cannot detect even/ downwind. The world ends downwards & depends on where feet are placed, the/ direction faced. The world ends in one direction—away from the territory, weather in its/ chest.

Each Day Travelling

By Elizabeth Jacobson

Hello Buson!/ I found another dead snake on the road today/ and thought of you, the way you said Use the commonplace/ to escape the commonplace. Your square face ...


By Julia Laxer

Last night she burned her wishes. With her mother, down beside the river. Sparks. Burning bits/ of paper… Fluttering lambs, laid to rest in the sky… We make these wishes ...

On Children

By Timothy E.G. Bartel

To help them sleep is a creative act:/ You choose what seems a fitting setting: bed./ You plot a structure: prayers, then lullaby,/ Then slowly slowing down the tune until ...

Evidence and Inquiry

By Dawn Corrigan

It was an ordinary October afternoon,/ the sky dimmed by clouds that filled/ the valley and stripped it of all color,/ the sun a rueful smile peeking through./ Inside, drabness total as an eclipse: ...


By Genevieve Leone

Underneath this day, another/ The way morning – shang –/ sits on top of afternoon/ What is past is/ what we see –/ Speculation as to how long this war will last./ Con Cater says 3 ...


By Alicia Jo Rabins

This matzah ball soup/ Reminds me of my grandmother/ I’m so close to her here in Brooklyn city of her birth/ Darling as she called everyone/ Let’s be/ sentimentalists together/ And forget about her personality disorder/ Forget her in the attic on St Marks Avenue/ Thinking her baby was a bouquet of flowers/ Instead regard the mama bird/ Feeding her openmouthed chicks/ Who is the worm I am the worm/ Who is the mother I am the mother ...


By Nicholas Reiner

We cross the Vincent Thomas bridge/ in our Hyundai Santa Fe. We’re on our way/ to my grandparents’ house/ & then the market to get husks for the tamales./ Our car begins to shake ...

Virgil Avenue & Other Geographies

By Lynne Thompson

It was a beginning like any other which isn’t/ quite the way it was. With beginnings,/ where to start? The house that was my first/ was a house that Daddy brought to Virgil ...

Aesthetic Translation

By Natalie Scenters-Zapico

The statistics speak for themselves/ I learned to read by sounding out the names/ of those who had dies in obituaries. There were/ so many people I could never finish/ the section ...


By Parker Tettleton

I dream about you during the work week with teddy bears in my mouth &/ you with a sword impossible to own. The second sentence is love isn’t loving anyone for less than your entire life ...

The Beginning of the End

By Sarah Louise Garrido

Stitch up the trees,/ tripping over/ the end of time./ Could it be jubilant/ to come apart? Earth to fire to air/ in a brilliant instant,/ nuclear alchemy/ splitting the bone./ I try to remind myself ...


By Celina Su

His ardor turned into an antelope-shaped ice sculpture, its taste and shape memorialized/ at film festivals all over Spain. Hers fossilized into ambivalent/ scorn, trapped under a notebook/ in Arkansas./ Whenever you wish to, you may conjure me. If I were little beside these digital images,/ serving as half-erased traces of whatever latest—or oldest—interpretation you attempt to/ inscribe in pixilated ink. / Global landscapes are not ...

Toward a Wedding

By Jordan Nakamura

The desert we drove through bore a storm. It kept the land/ starblocked and lit by coral tinted flashes. the field limned/ in pearl-black virga ...

We Eat Like Kings

By Marc Malandra

Briny and smiling, he stood/ in the kitchen, pulled me over/ to the pot, lifted the lid:/ an odd insect with ...


By Stacey Tran

I cough the sun out of its sky. Letters of the alphabet hurt toward the end. Can we go on without/ pronouns? There are at least five ways to say aunt which depend on age. ...

Tamiami Trail

By Carmella de los Angeles Guiol

A darkness in the road—/ swerve/ Gravel on bare knees, our eyes/ peer/ beneath metal carriage but no/ smear of blood no/ chunks of turtle/ shell caught in tire/ threads. …

I know what I think, and so I tell someone

By Genevieve Kaplan

Knowing drifting is a process both expected and un-, some/ types of animals include lizards, include elephants, include/ an amount of pre-thinking to remember that sound travels freely

Demon Hymnal

By Phillip Aijian

It’s not as thin as one might think, though/ there is only one version, and each copy/ features only the words—no music./ In a brief moment of inspiration,/ Lucifer/ himself penned “God is Dead” watching/ Golgotha from afar. It was popular for a few days. Notable titles include “Backslidin’/ Away,” “Every Sin’s a Deadly Sin,” “Babylon/ on my Mind,” and “You Don’t Need Our Help.”/ At command, the shedim and mazzikim/ gather, ...