Why Boomers Need a New Script for Life’s Third Act

The Me Generation May Rebel Against Post-Retirement Expectations

We know the story all too well: Baby boomers, that generation born between 1946 and 1964, experience a childhood heavily shaped by the cultural dynamics of the postwar era, and immerse themselves in the rebellion and hedonism to be had in abundance during the counterculture era. Let’s call that familiar tale Boomers 1.0, a version of boomers’ individual and collective lives defined by Cold War paranoia, idealism, and youthful joie de vivre. The sequel, Boomers 2.0, covers advanced young adulthood through early-stage middle age. This version of the generation’s collective …

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If We Want to Fix Health Care, It’s Now or Never

Baby Boomers Haven't Busted America's System yet—but We Need to Figure out How to Pay Less for Better Patient Outcomes

Are the baby boomers going to bust the health care system?

That’s the big question Wall Street Journal reporter Anna Wilde Mathews posed in her opening remarks to a Zócalo/Health Futures …

A Silver Tsunami Is About to Hit U.S. Health Care

Retiring Baby Boomers Will Drown a Stressed System—or Save It

Every day between 2010 and 2029, 10,000 Baby Boomers retire. Some say that the aging of this massive generation—which makes up slightly more than a quarter of the U.S. population—threatens …

Rock on, Grandpa

More Than Ever, Aging Bands Are Strapping on Guitars and Squeezing Into Leather Pants to Strut Back on Stage

On a balmy evening last month, I sat on a beach in Santa Cruz and watched the five black-clad members of Blue Öyster Cult stride onto a stage and launch …

Want to Donate Your Body to Science? Call Me

For Three Years, I Had to Ask Next-of-Kin Uncomfortable Questions About the Deceased

For over three years, I thought about death every day. This wasn’t some morbid obsession. It was my job.

A growing number of senior citizens—both permanent residents and part-time “snowbirds”—have …

California Needs More Old People

Let's Transform the Golden State Into a Global Destination for Retirees in Their Golden Years

Florida Governor Rick Scott is traveling to California this weekend with designs on stealing away some of our state’s businesses. So why don’t we return the favor by developing our …