Post-Undocumented Miami

Who Would Be South Florida's Big Winners After Immigration Reform?

The most obvious beneficiaries of immigration reform are undocumented migrants and their families. But the sweeping legislation on the table has the potential to transform not just individual lives but communities. Immigrants have long been a driver of economic and population growth for South Florida. Will reform bring greater prosperity to everyone in and around Miami? Beyond economics, who stands to gain the most from this legislation? In advance of “What Would Immigration Reform Mean for Miami?”, a Zócalo/Azteca America event, we asked people who study and work with South …

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What Will 11.2 Million Legalizations Do?

Assessing the Impact of the New Immigration Bill on Los Angeles and the Nation

Exactly seven years ago, on May 1, 2006, millions of people in cities across America took to the streets to protest against harsh proposed changes in immigration policy. Today, a …