The Honolulu Homeless Project That Could Only Have Worked in Hawai‘i

The New Kahauiki Village Is Rekindling the Communal Values of Old Plantation Towns

My father always said that you get out of life what you put into it. But I believe that people like me, who grew up in a sugar plantation town, were blessed with a whole lot more. The plantation era was a special time in a special place.

Our lives back then shaped who we are today: It was about how we conduct ourselves and how we care for others, rather than how much money we make. Trust and responsibility weren’t just virtues that we strived for; they were a way …

Turning Low-Income Housing into Art

In Houston's Third Ward, 'Shotgun' Houses Provide Homes for Artists, Mothers, and Anyone with a Vision

Project Row Houses is an art space in Houston’s historically black Third Ward. Its success, going on a quarter of a century, is a powerful argument for committing first to …

Spin the Wheel and Land on Community

As a Performer and Arts Consultant, I Learned That Arts Should Serve People—Not the Other Way Around

Recently, as I was walking home and mulling over what to write for this essay on arts engagement, I saw a multi-colored pinwheel stuck to a signpost on a street …