Orange County Still Acts Like Mayberry R.F.D. It Needs to Get Real About Immigrants and the Homeless

The Rich, Urbanized California Region Should Stop Pretending It's a Cash-Strapped Small Town

Why does a place as big and beautiful as Orange County so often behave in ways that are both small and ugly?

That’s the question that occurs after the county government made two recent decisions so stinky that it could be years before the smell wears off.

First, county supervisors voted to oppose state sanctuary laws that provide some peace of mind to the immigrants upon whom Orange County depends economically and socially. In the process, the county aligned itself with President Trump, who has targeted California in a campaign …

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L.A. Is Drowning in Its Own Water Pretensions

Civic Leaders' Fantastical Claims of Water Self-Sufficiency May Endanger Southern California's Real Water Supplies

This time, “Chinatown” is fooling itself.

Los Angeles has a long history of water deceptions, a point made famously by Roman Polanski’s 1974 neo-noir film. But the massive self-sabotage of the …

The Greta Garbo of California Reservoirs Should Be Left Alone

Lake Mathews Is Beautiful, Lofty, and Forbidden. Humans, Keep Your Distance.

Stay away from my lake, Californians.

It’s too beautiful, and too important, for the likes of you.

It’s true that, as a legal matter, I don’t own Lake Mathews. But I’ve …

Can Taiwan Teach California How to Thrive Under an Authoritarian Power?

The Island Nation Knows How to Navigate Beijing's Threats. The Golden State Could Do the Same With Washington.

Is California becoming another Taiwan?

In asking that, I don’t mean that earthquakes will turn California into an island. Instead, what California and Taiwan share is a problem—the predicament of the …

O Canada, Please Colonize the Coachella Valley

Snowbirds Have Saved SoCal's Desert Economy. Why Not Just Deed Them the Land?

Let’s give the Coachella Valley to Canada.

After all, Canadians already run the place in winter.

Over the past 40 years, snowbirds from the True North have grown into a winter fixture …