We’re Here to Protect and Serve Immigrants, Not Help ICE Deport Them

The LAPD Wants Immigrants to Know Their Rights, Trust Officers, and Report Crime That Matters

Given the history of our City and our Department, the Los Angeles Police Department makes it a priority to build relationships with our diverse communities.

Since last November’s election, and the widespread protests and fears we’ve seen and heard in its aftermath, we’ve had to step up relationship-building and do even more, especially in our immigrant communities where the anxiety has been greatest.

That has meant a lot of dialogue. This is a city of 400 square miles and more than 4 million people, 500,000 of them undocumented. We have been purposeful …

In South L.A., a More Approachable Police Force Has Led to a Safer Community

An LAPD Commander Returned to the Area Where He Was Born to Help Officers Get to Know the Neighbors

Here’s one big lesson from the progress we’ve seen in South Los Angeles: effective policing requires building deep relationships and real personal connections with the people whom you’re charged with …

Charlie Beck Can Make Your Parking Tickets Go Away

The Chief of the LAPD Tells All, Or At Least Some, In the Green Room

Charlie Beck has been the chief of the Los Angeles Police Department since November 2009, when he succeeded Bill Bratton. He has been with the LAPD since the late 1970s, …