The Not-So-Great War

Healthcare Policy Battles Have Been Waged For a Century Now—And They Still Rage

Sociologist and healthcare policy expert Paul Starr, author of Remedy and Reaction: The Peculiar American Struggle over Health Care Reform, opened his talk on America’s seemingly endless healthcare war on a somber note. “The United States stands out in healthcare in several unhappy ways,” he began, pointing out high costs and a growing number of people without health insurance. “We’ve also been fighting over this issue for nearly a century. In no other western country are there such persistent, basic, bitter divisions over the question of whether there should be …

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A Sickening Dispute

Why Are Healthcare Policy Battles in the United States So Bitter?


Most Americans agree that everyone needs doctors, hospitals, and access to the best medical care possible. Countries compete for the highest life expectancies and the lowest infant mortality rates. But …

For It Before They Were Against It

Would a Court Ruling Against Healthcare Reform Actually Kill Off Cherished Conservative Ideas?

You would never know it from their denunciations of “Obamacare,” but in the battle over the 2010 healthcare law, conservatives have been fighting against ideas they once approved–and still approve …