Stanzas to Those Just Arriving

Once in autumn’s ease date palm branches
swung over my back, sugars creamed inside their skins—
I’d never have guessed owls would nest in
anything called the phoenix, that we’d practice confessions
watching their shapes come and go on the way out
to prey. But night hung beautifully and
time practiced meaningless phrases. These I didn’t pick
but pitted for us, amber in their red skins, so syrupy
and rich. Somehow they crystallize both heaviness and light—

across, some grapes, an heirloom kind from which
dessert wines, those spheres on their …

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America’s Got Talent

A one night stand in Jackson, Mississippi.

The soft opening outside Cheyenne.

There’s a laughing gull on Miami Beach

& the ampersand tattoo you didn’t

regret getting in Portland,

although you …


The honeysuckle’s taste went white down our backs. Grass became soft bones and sun. We searched without knowing it for a sense of a collective. The pollen glossed our skin …

The Laughter Age

When I am there, many empires from now
laughter will be a thing of the past. The Laughter Age.
Which will have ruled longer than the Ottoman,
but not as …

[For all the world, for all the noise]

For all the world, for all the noise, just close your eyes. Then open them.

I see a sunshine & a wind. Okay, I see the grassy plaza, two cement …