Saul Gonzalez, Franklin Gilliam Jr., Torie Osborn, Jim Newton

Eric Garcetti: Rock Star or Bureaucrat?

Is Eric Garcetti a rock-star-in-waiting who has laid the groundwork to make major change in Los Angeles? Or is he a bureaucrat who lacks direction and big vision for the …

Californians Will Happily Tell You Why They Don’t Vote

The Real Reason Why Californians Don’t Vote

In the stages of grief, media coverage of California voters’ low turnout in the June primary jumped denial, and headed straight to anger and bargaining. “Something amazing happened in California …

Are Politics Making Americans Boring?

Are Politics Making Americans Boring?

America—arguably the world’s most diverse, innovative, and surprising nation—is becoming a lot more predictable. And boring.

According to the most recent Pew Research Poll on political polarization, Americans are becoming more …