What the Gender Reveal Fad Says About Modern Pregnancy

A New Ritual Speaks to Anxieties Surrounding the Medicalization of Childbearing

My youngest daughter often asks me to tell her about the day when, pregnant with her, I was riding to work on the subway and wondering whether she would be a boy or a girl. Just at that moment, I looked up and saw a deliveryman holding a bouquet of pink balloons and a sign that said, “It’s A Girl.”

Now, both my daughter and I understand that genetics determined her sex months earlier, but it’s fun for us to have a story that imagines the universe magically speaking to …

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In Vitro in Vegas

Who Needs a Man to Get Pregnant When You've Got a Lemon Drop Shot in One Hand and a Fertility Shot in the Other?

When people talk about doing shots in Vegas, this isn’t what they have in mind. But on a Tuesday night in July, I sat at the black granite dressing table …

This is Your Child’s Brain on Alcohol

Each Year, 40,000 American Children Are Born With Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. The Costs of Caring for Them Are Staggering.

Social scientists have calculated that detrimental effects of alcohol cost the U.S. some $223.5 billion a year. We’re talking health issues such as liver disease, impaired driving, lost work due …

Does My Neighborhood Want Me to Get Pregnant?

A College Student in Watts Asks Why She Gets So Little Support Compared to Young Women Who Have Children

If I were to get pregnant, I would know just where to go for help: the local offices of Women, Infants, and Children, the federally funded food and nutrition program; …

In Praise Of the Male Biological Clock

No One Likes Nature’s Inflexibility, But Maybe Now Young People Will Push to Have Kids-And A Life

When my husband and I had our first child, our son, I had to look up the strangely ominous label I’d read on my chart: “elderly primigravida.” With visions of …