Volkswagen Is Far From the Only Auto Company Skilled in Evading the Green Police

The Recent Emissions Scandal Reveals the Gulf Between Eco-Friendly Transportation Demand and Regulatory Ability

During Super Bowl 2010, an ad came on featuring uniformed “Green Police” who put a guy in a headlock for taking a plastic bag, bust a man for failing to recycle an orange peel, and haul away an older gentleman who uses regular light bulbs instead of energy savers. Then these Orwellian figures put up a roadblock to stop polluting cars, but when they see an Audi diesel, they say “clean diesel” and wave the driver through. The ad ends with the words: “Green Never Felt So Good.”

But to …

California’s High Speed Rail Should Look Like Germany’s

Stations Can Be Vital Public Spaces That Provide Space for People to Gather, Shop, and Be Entertained

Will California’s high-speed rail system be German enough?

That question is not a joke, as I learned last month while riding Germany’s popular high-speed rail. In fact, it’s a more important …

Why Car-Crazy Cities Are Now Riding the Rails

With New Demands for Housing and Activities Downtown, Sun Belt Metropolises Are Rethinking How Their Residents Get Around

Rail tracks are being laid in the unlikeliest of places.

Phoenix voters recently approved a transportation tax hike that should provide decades of funding for new light rail lines. Dallas …

How Americans Fell in Love with the Open Road

As the Automobile Industry Took off, Drivers Discovered the Romance and Freedom of Long-Distance Travel

Tens of millions of Americans have hit the road this summer. The all-American road trip has long been a signature adventure, but once upon a time the notion of your …

Transport (after “When Ecstasy is Inconvenient”)

see something
say something

take any major city
take every square

foot, every footstep
traced back on the map

of a screen
walking while writing

almost all at once
this type of transfer

takes practice

Does a Transit Boom Have to Lead to a Real Estate Bubble?

Affordable Housing Near Rail Lines Isn't a Pipe Dream, But We’ll Probably Be Living on Top of Each Other

Los Angeles is in the midst of a housing crisis. At a panel discussion co-presented by Metro in front of a standing-room-only crowd at MOCA Grand Avenue, Joan Ling, an …