Where Do Racism and Sexism Intersect at the Office?

Businesses Can Build More Inclusive Workplaces by Recognizing the Nuances of Bias

While the U.S. currently has a black president and a woman just made history by clinching the Democratic presidential nomination, both racial minorities and women still face significant barriers in professional settings.

Considering the parallels and differences in the biases that women and racial minorities face is an important way to increase our understanding of workplace discrimination and equality. By reviewing some recent work by cross-disciplinary researchers from across the world, we attempted to shed light and theorize on some ways in which racial minorities might suffer from similar biases …

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Workers Who Get a Boost in Pay Might See a Reduction in Government Assistance

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Congress’ New Workforce Act Promises ‘Innovation and Opportunity.’ But the Real Change in Job Training and Placement Is Happening in the Private Sector.

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An Introvert Takes Center Stage

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