How many you can grab, really,
that’s sort of the cut-off point.

Point of entry, incision, past the break
of calcium fortified in a kidney.

Break in interest: a case of who cares.
Higher higher these days, right?

Or more importantly, maybe. I’m sure
I’ve seen a lot more horrorshows recently,

and this is by far the saddest, saddest sort
of sideshow attraction. What’s the intrigue

of three breasts
on a tattooed, bearded hermaphrodite,

honestly? Supper’s ready
so keep your appetite high voltage,

high octane. All you can eat.
Here comes the pie contest.

Contest for expansion, west and east, stomach
and small intestines. Here comes the crowd.

The crowd comes with a turkey leg
in one hand, cotton candy in the other.

Elizabeth Peterson is a student at the University of Redlands. “Ponderosa,” won the university’s Academy of American Poets Prize for 2011.

*Photo courtesy of thecameo.