Stone Soup

The note sent home said
we are making stone
soup–soup of the poor–
soup from nothing–so
please do your part–bring
a stone–a carrot–
I sent three carrots–
a bag of purple
potatoes–in case
someone else forgot–
it is easy to
forget–and I sent
five smooth stones so my
young David would have
some ammunition
against the playground
Goliaths–and those
you don’t need–I told
him–slip into the
soup–they will provide
the flavor–then eat
all that you want

Patty Seyburn has published three books of poems: Hilarity (New Issues Press, 2009), Mechanical Cluster (Ohio State University Press, 2002), and Diasporadic (Helicon Nine Editions, 1998). Her poems have recently been published in Boston ReviewDIAGRAM, and Hotel Amerika. She is an associate professor at California State University, Long Beach and co-editor of POOL: A Journal of Poetry.
*Photo courtesy of iriskh.
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