Zócalo Looks More Closely

A Proper Examination Of Obamacare, Of California Law, and A Geico Caveman

My Family’s Obamacare. Forget the talking points. Obamacare will vary for each family. Health-policy wonk Micah Weinberg explains how the Affordable Care Act will affect his family, dollar by dollar.


Teach Art. It’s the Law. California arts educator Carl Schafer has been advocating the arts for 56 years. Yet he only recently found out that the teaching of the arts has been mandatory in California for grades one to 12 since 1995. For years, he spent his time convincing people of the importance of arts education. Now he can just tell them that if they’re not teaching art, they’re breaking the law.


Drinks With … John Lehr. Most famous for his funny role as the Geico caveman, actor John Lehr sits down with Zócalo’s associate editor and New America Foundation’s managing editor Fuzz Hogan at Backstage Bar in Culver City to discuss booze, drugs, and improv. His tip for the road? “While moist bathroom wipes may be embarrassing to buy, every gentleman should have a box on his toilet tank.”


A Priest. A Nun. And Me. Los Angeles writer and teacher John Posatko’s dad was a priest and his mom was a nun. Both left the church to start a family. Posatko writes, “Anyone can spend a lifetime trying to understand his parents. But mine might require eternity.”


Zócalo Editorial Director Andrés Martinez. Meet Zócalo’s very own editorial director, Andrés Martinez. Before he moderated a panel on Miami after immigration reform, he confessed to his irrational fear of getting scurvy, his love for some good tacos al pastor, and how he can’t live without a television.


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Claudia Grazioso on whether juicing is an eating disorder …


Peter Dykstra on whether nuclear power is making a comeback …


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