Rely on Angela Merkel; Don’t Rely on the Fed

New York Times Columnist Roger Cohen on Germany’s Election and A Discussion of What’s Next for the U.S. Economy

New York Times columnist Roger Cohen—formerly a Berlin-based correspondent—talks with Anne-Marie Slaughter about Angela Merkel’s victory in Germany and how it will affect the nation’s place on the world stage. New America Foundation economic growth program director Sherle R. Schwenninger and Washington Post financial reporter Ylan Q. Mui talk with Slaughter about what the U.S. Federal Reserve’s announcement that it will continue pushing cash into the economy (rather than “tapering” the stimulus) means for the country.

Anne-Marie Slaughter is president and CEO of the New America Foundation, and the Bert G. Kerstetter '66 University Professor Emerita of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton University.
*Photo courtesy of thierry ehrmann.


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