How I Learned to Stop Worrying, Love China, and Be OK With Spying

Charles Kenny on the Myth of American Decline and Kevin Bankston and Katherine Mangu-Ward on Obama and the NSA

Economist Charles Kenny, currently a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development, explains to Anne-Marie Slaughter why a rising China is something Americans should embrace rather than fear. Kevin Bankston, policy director of the Open Technology Institute, and Katherine Mangu-Ward, a New America Foundation fellow and managing editor of Reason, explain to Andrés Martinez of Zócalo and the New America Foundation how President Barack Obama can reform NSA surveillance—and do a better job of pitching it to the American public in an upcoming speech.

Anne-Marie Slaughter is president and CEO of the New America Foundation, and the Bert G. Kerstetter '66 University Professor Emerita of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton University.
*Photo courtesy of Dennis Tang.


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