Going to School in Finland in 1972

When the child turned seven
the mother said:
“Child, go to school”
and the child did.
And at one in the afternoon
the mother said to the child:
“Child, welcome home from school”
and the child sat down
at the kitchen table to eat a piece of fruit.
And out of the front pocket of the book-bag
the child took a pencil
and the child, on page three,
made a circle that encompassed
the word yellow and a picture of two bananas.
Then the mother said to the child:
“Child, go out and play”
and the child covered itself in pieces of clothing
and went out into the many layers of snow.

Johanna Evenson is a professional musician as well as a professional cognitive therapist living and working in Charleston, South Carolina where she is a member of the Long Table Poets. Her work has appeared in Cactus Heart, The Milo Review, New Verse News, Alba, and Marathon.
*Photo courtesy of Gary Lerude.
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