Mark Todd

Imagine Stacks of Team-Spirited Insects

Mark Todd grew up just a few miles from the Vegas strip in the 1970s, and the experience has unquestionably shaped his work. While his style may appear crude, he uses it to refract American life through a prism of comic books and pop culture. His work ranges from whimsical fever dreams to brutal social commentary in the vein of Weimar artists Otto Dix and George Grosz.

In his illustrations for Zócalo, Todd created a series he calls “Bug Stacks.” Groups of team-spirited insects do their best imitation of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale “The Town Musicians of Bremen.” Or perhaps we’re simply witnessing a particularly buzzy cheerleading team? (See if you can spot the one non-insect.)

Todd teaches illustration at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California. He is also the co-creator of the book Whatcha’ Mean, What’s a Zine?, a guide to making handmade magazines and comic books.


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