the condor is a scavenger

the condor is a scavenger | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

A California Condor at the Condor Ridge exhibit of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Courtesy of Chuck Szmurlo/Wikimedia Commons.

makes simple nests in caves or clefts eats large amounts of carrion

especially susceptible to poisoning was poached almost to extinction


the year you were born all remaining wild birds were captured

later reintroduced to freedom are still critically endangered


that same year of the Presidio manzanita only one specimen remained

in a place kept secret by conservancy has since been cloned


in a single lifetime what ecology can mean a tenuous hold

on a crumbling shoreline eradication or survival by extremes

Amy Katherine Cannon is a writer and writing teacher living in Los Angeles. Her chapbook, The Interior Desert, is out now from Californios Press.
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