Sorry Joe Mathews, I Want Wonder Woman in the Senate

Joe –

With all due respect regarding your suggestion to Governor Newsom that he appoint you to fill Kamala Harris’ newly vacated Senate seat, I think Gal Gadot, the embodiment of Wonder Woman, should replace you on his list of possibilities.

You offered up yourself as an absurd choice in a time of absurdity. Well, a Wonder Woman appointment touches upon the edge of absurdity. But, consider what this powerful, strong willed, unapologetic Amazon would bring to D.C. (Jeff Bezos – I’d like to give you credit for naming your company after this feminist and warrior; but if you didn’t, please replace your logo with hers.)

Wonder Woman has an impeccable record of absorbing the impact of incoming attacks, and she never backs down from a fight. So, look out Mitch McConnell and company. She wears those indestructible steel bracelets that block ill deeds. What do you have? And, who needs all those fights about the filibuster when there’s Wonder Woman on the scene?

In case you think she is a one-woman show, Wonder Woman has worked for centuries with her male superhero colleagues who comprise the Justice League, where it is recognized that only by working together and pooling superpower resources can menaces be successfully confronted. So, with Wonder Woman joining forces with the other super women that populate the Senate, will there be a new day of nonpartisanship or will self-interest continue to prevail? Consider that DC Comics and Warner Bros. have recognized and celebrated the power of Wonder Woman and her championing of fairness and integrity since she hit the scene in early 1940s. So, I wouldn’t bet against the comics and a major film company’s faith in her superpowers.

Joe – you are a journalist who tells the truth as best you can, with some satire thrown in. But you can’t really compete with Wonder Woman because she is forever twirling the Lasso of Truth which compels the captive to tell the truth. At long last, goodbye fake news!

Lastly. You are a man. We need to add women to the Senate, not subtract one. So please let the Governor know you’ve changed your mind. Wonder Woman, please!

Best regards,

—Billie Greer


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