Where I Go: Stress Baking

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {“cleanText”:”Where I Go: Stress\u00a0Baking. It\u2019s July 2020, and San Diego is in a heat wave, but I don\u2019t care; I’m baking bread.\u00a0I can\u2019t force fools on the street to wear masks,\u00a0or stop the president from calling COVID-19 the \u201ckung flu,\u201d or protect Asian Americans from being assaulted for bringing in the \u201cChina virus,\” but in my kitchen, I call the shots.\r\n\r\nAs I punch the risen dough, the phone rings.\u00a0I turn my headset volume up, toss the dough on the counter, and answer.\r\n\r\nIn my nearly two decades as a telephonic Tagalog interpreter, I\u2019ve learned to foresee a looming crisis just by tracking the frequency of certain calls. A flurry of bankruptcy cases preceded the great recession of 2008. That March, an uptick in COVID-related calls signaled that despite the naysayer in the White House, the pandemic was well underway.\r\n\r\nBecause I work from home, I can do chores while taking calls on my headset\u2014although baking is really less a … Continue reading Where I Go: Stress Baking