Why People Are Leaving California for Texas

Because if you live in Texas,

… you don’t have to spend countless time looking at all those beautiful mountains, hills, and valleys across the state

… you can drive to the country’s best ski resorts in just two or three days

… the winter ice storms are ‘cool’ for taking walks

… you enjoy fabulous cheap Texas blended table wines

… the hot and humid summers are a great way to sweat weight off

… you get lower state income taxes which enables you to pay your property tax that is at a 2.5 times higher rate than California

… you save money since you only need to wear blue jeans, t-shirts, cowboy hats, and boots

… it’s a far shorter travel time to visit Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana

… you may get to enjoy a hurricane

… you live in a state that has a fast-increasing crime rate… and a quickly declining number of Texas police

… BUT you can protect yourself from criminals because of the Texas ‘Open Carry’ laws

… driving time to hate rallies is shorter… in fact, you’ll probably have them in your own home town

… far more restaurants serve the famous French delicacy: chicken-fried steak in country gravy

… you save money and keep the weight off since you can’t find many Michelin Star restaurants

Richard Wollack


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