Notes from El Valle Megamart

Sister Juanita buys cherry flavored
Lip gloss for the girls
Apple bubble gum for the boys
The lord’s prayer
Smells like a fruit stand
Under the summer sun
Across the border in Progresso. 2.
I have wet dreams about the Brawny man.
He wipes everything clean when we are done. 3.
You buy your produce
At my checkout again
Pants bulging
In all the right places
$5.25 in change
One nickel
Two dimes
Four quarters
One, two, three
One dollar bills
Fingers touch fingers, touch
Ball of hand
Slide hand into tight jean pocket
Smile back. 4.
I think of Ginsberg when I see you.
     “what peaches
     and what penumbras!” Do you know Ginsberg?
Can I read to you?      “aisles full of husbands!
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