Large Print Poetry

You direct my eyes
to the yellow door of the bookshop.

Help me when I ask. Don’t just pull me                                 to the side-

walk away from the
rushing down          
MARKET STREET?            
(if that’s                              
the street we’re on)                            

How am I supposed to read that?        


I design literary magazines with size 10 font.  
They say: Old people can’t read that.              
I say: Great, I’m 80. Have been since preschool.              
They say: Preserve the enjambment.              
I say: Do you want people to read this?                  

                  There’s no money in


or nobody thinks about LARGE PRINT
when line breaks are involved.
    Waiting for   the light     to change
I try out           conscious
acknowledgement     of
  the     saccade
    movement   of the
eye     and     damn,

that car behind us looks like a


and my eyes burn                    
but only the normal amount.        

Quinn Gruber currently works as an intern with Zoeglossia and studies English and Italian. Sometimes they write and translate poems. They think Tuesday is the best day of the week.
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