Just gravity pulling what free
bodies it touches down, and at times
their refusal. Despite this shaking over
the mouth of the trash, a plate
holding its residue. Adherence the new
law of frustration guiding
this moment
        toward intervention: the scraping
loose of some sediment, salt
and sugar texturing my bone
memory of pleasure with you–

having shuddered, having thrown my hollow
to loosen your grip, I assign the edge

the incision to suss out
your …

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After the Idea of the Flood Recedes | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

After the Idea of the Flood Recedes


with borrowings from Rimbaud, “Après le Déluge”

in a turbulent dream,
I wake troubled, confused,
a tabby nosing round the sheets…

the market stalls are dressed in meat,
bavetted, boned, …

Eros / ion


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