Can We Build A Better Summer Olympics?

Can We Build A Better Summer Olympics? | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

Flags of several nations and the Olympic rings in the sky are seen at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, Japan during the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympic Games on Oct. 10, 1964. (AP Photo)

A Zócalo/ASU Foundation Event
Moderated by Kurt Streeter, Sports Reporter, New York Times

If there ever were a time we needed an Olympic Games, it might be summer 2020. The Olympics are a celebration of the individual and the collective, a moment to watch human beings push themselves to personal and historic bests, and an excuse to wave and wear the colors of our nations with pride. What would it take to make the next Olympics a force of good in our fractured world? What do athletes, and fans, need from the Olympics right now and in the coming decades? 

As we wait patiently for the delayed Tokyo Games to begin, Olympic gold medalist and activist Greg Louganis, Olympic medalist Lashinda Demus, athlete and ASU sports historian Victoria Jackson, athlete and former CEO of the Women’s Sports Foundation, Donna Lopiano, and Barry Sanders, Chairman Emeritus of the Southern California Committee of The Olympic Games, visit Zócalo to discuss innovative ideas for a better Summer Olympics.

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