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The State of L.A.’s Plate

A Zócalo/UCLA Event
Moderated by Evan Kleiman, Host, KCRW’s Good Food

Angelenos love kale, avocados, and juicing—and bacon, cronuts, and cheeseburgers. What does what we eat—and what we don’t eat—say about L.A.? A thousand people might line up to eat a burger with a bun made out of ramen noodles, but there are also 1 million people in the county on food stamps. We have access to some of the freshest produce in the country—and over 80 farmers markets—but adult obesity rates here remain stubbornly on the rise, particularly for Latinos and Asian-Americans. How have our plates changed over time, and does the L.A. diet differ from that of other parts of the country? Former Bon Appetit editor Barbara Fairchild, “The Glutster” food blogger Javier Cabral, and UCLA Center for Population Health and Health Disparities epidemiologist Alex Ortega visit Zócalo to discuss what Angelenos are eating and why it matters.


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