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Will San Diego Ever Become a Great Art City?

Moderated by Kinsee Morlan, Engagement Editor, Voice of San Diego

San Diego seems to have all the makings of a world-class arts town—a local arts scene, wealthy people, and even an elite university, UCSD, that trains artists. But these parts of the San Diego arts community often don’t talk to each other—and San Diego’s wealthy have yet to develop a signature museum that is recognized around the planet. What elements are necessary for a city to become a true leader in the arts—and which of these elements is San Diego missing? Why haven’t San Diego elites marshaled the civic braggadocio to build great monuments to the city? And how could San Diego better connect its higher education institutions to its arts scene? Artist Jenessa Goodman, museum and urban planner Priya Sircar, City of San Diego Senior Public Art Manager Christine Jones, and curator and educational director at A SHIP IN THE WOODS Lianne Thompson Mueller visit Zócalo to discuss how San Diego could raise its art profile.

Photo courtesy of Joe Wolf.

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The Takeaway

Stay Artsy, San Diego

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