Mexican American Sublime

by Rodney Gomez

From space the river is loose thread. Frayed but clearly discernible.

A wall but not a wall. …

Two Constellations

by Sarah Cohen


He doesn’t know his belt’s gone out of style,
or that he needs a license,
that hunting has a season now. ...


with Lucinda Williams

by Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers

Faulkner County reeks of burning leaves;
other days, smelt from the refinery.
A whiff of manure when the breeze …


by Barbara Alvarado

Tuesday feels like every day, so today is every Tuesday.
This goddamn day won’t goddamn change
my going back and forth between the sure and doubt,
the front door opening and closing, the backdoor slamming,
mosquito screen folding over like a sagging flag,
bathroom faucet always dripping, water always dropping
to the rusted band around the drain, ...

Memorial to a marriage

after Patricia Cronin

by Liza Flum

It must be their feet tangled past the hem of the blanket
(a big toe pressed to the top of a pale, carved foot)
that make me pause, scroll back to this image ...

Eve and the Pit

by Mandy Gutmann-Gonzalez

The wind had to do with the places we couldn’t touch.
The branches were the places we did,
lying at the roots
with your arms around me ...

[If every life is four-dimensional]

by Justin Rigamonti

If every life is four dimensional,
if your “now” is just one segment of your whole
and your body spans across the surface …

The Dog’s Insomnia

by Susan Joy Dickman

Keeps him moving all through the end
of summer night, nails loading the floorboards

with the heaviness of sleep that cannot ...

Letter to My Country Doctor Father

by Rebecca Norris Webb

You taught me to accept whatever came to the door: a bushel of corn, two porterhouse steaks, a bag of bittersweet horehound candy—your favorite ...

I Feel Like a Fool Do You?

by Heid E. Erdrich

A tarot deck fool

Looking back to see
if you are looking back at me
I'll trip right off that cliff

Once in North Dakota in my actual childhood I saw a hobo ...

Preppy Haircut

by Aaron Belz

Anyway, my band Preppy Haircut.
Venue asked what time we could loden.
I said anytime but I prefer hunter. ...

Only child

by Camilo Velasco

Smear neosporin
On my red knees,

Us hiding in the vines
Counting pea-pods

Holding three ...

The Andromeda Strain

by Matthew Minicucci

There’s nothing more American than blaming empty space for a giant virus of its own making. Curiosity killed the clotted doctor, and kindness the rest. Really, it’s always …


by Lorene Delany-Ullman

Bone shade: the hip and pelvis
against dusk,

my arthritic spine, the blurring
lines between skeletal structures, ...

[men shouting]

by Connie Voisine

The hallways lead through the belly of
hospital, hotel, laundry service, nowhere.
These vague industrial spaces with safety doors

reading Alarm Will Sound if Opened ...


by Charles Jensen

The Dalmatian sank from me
when I set him on the grass,

pausing to kneel before his bones
crumpled away. I knew he was reaching

toward death. I wanted to help him
snatch it in his jaws. ...

Emergency / we could never stop

by K.A. Hays

when sun falls a jellyfish this red
of aerosols the sea swims in my throat
stings of the jellyfish but not the fish
less sun less heat I’m ...

Raye Montague (1935-2018)

by Jessy Randall

Do the obituaries of great men
mention their hobbies?
Raye Montague played bridge.

If your obituary appears in the Times ...