Poem Without a Title

by Nathan Spoon

A figure sits quietly on the shadowed earth
underneath the spreading branches of
the tree of the mind. Through long night
an owl calls with spaced out singular
cries. It …

Blue Hour

by V. Penelope Pelizzon

The last late rain-scaled light has swum
along the office wall.
An aggrieved

mosquito-whine of all you’ve not achieved ...

Self-Portrait As Hit Me Baby One More Time

by Lucy Biederman

Britney Spears, I can hear the static
you make from here. The bass line
beams low and clear across state lines,

they say. Do you miss indifferent
gas station attendants …

B L O O D   P A P A Y A

by Vi Khi Nao

Let’s have a compote duel:
Sweet against sweet
Liqueur against liqueur

Conceptually, I love you
Earthy truffle oil
The pressure to be with you ...


by Chloe Honum

On a too hot bus, my sister and I traveled through fields of sunflowers.

Because we couldn’t stop arguing, we sat rows apart.

I see us staring out the windows. Or eating the food we took ...

No Earth Survives a Country

after Samiya Bashir

by Sasha Banks

Long: a measurement; the distance it takes to remember.

Remember: everything that had to fall.

Fall: the end of summer’s tyranny. ...

Marina Abramović’s Gaze

by David Hernandez

I find her seated at the kitchen table at two a.m.,
her red dress a large heart in the dark’s chest.

I flip the light switch: she stares past the empty ...

Night of Telescopes

by Emma Trelles

I have buried my share and hardly anyone knows.
A house must hold ghosts, writing
Names across funereal woods and windows ...

Ode to Your Hyper-Vigilance

by Jennifer L. Knox

Hugging you’s hard enough when you’re awake,
but to worm my arm under your downed trunk,
plutonium-core sequoia, and hold on? Pft. ...

Wolf Package

by Corey Oglesby

In the airless, fluorescent lung of a department store,
I am trying not to laugh at the wolf’s face
printed across the crotch of a pair of boxer briefs.

I nearly buy them, but decide I’m not ready to
forget the joke. For how, out of necessity, they’d fall
eventually into regular rotation, become my wolf ...


by Meriwether Clarke

I woke to rain
and wondered if that meant
the sky was trying

to be a prayer. Teary-eyed
and drooping are the clouds
inside my voice ...

Dog Song

by José Angel Araguz

Make me write like a dog
gnawing a bone. Not anger,

but that animation, that knowing
focus and breath. The just as easy

letting go,
down into the dirt, ...

Channel Surfing

after Forrest Gander’s ‘Deadout’

by Max Early


Procure his bone-dry clay & burnish,
synchronous glide and precision. ...

Measured Form

by Devin Becker

The children have left the red ball
disintegrating in the backyard.
Half-gone, it’s a dimpled dome

for dead grass, brittle and yellow— ...

Ars poetica

by Leslie Harrison

& the trees gleam wetly under the luminous clouds

& through a water-ribboned window a child draws pictures ...

Rabbit Skin Pelt

by Chris Davidson

I recalled for the therapist a rabbit skin I bought
At summer camp, at the camp trading post,
When I was nine or ten using cash my parents
Sent with me my first trip away from home.
I waited a long time to get the rabbit skin,
Waited in line a long time for the popular item,
The most popular item for sale, and in the rush ...

[On the one side]

by Stephanie Adams-Santos

On the one side
there are hummingbirds
plucking secret fruits
from the tongues of foxgloves
& a shimmering woman ...

Swallows in the Grasslands

by Patrick Coleman

I’ve only seen them build nests on underpasses, on buildings, in the shadows of London Bridge— ...

I Wake in Heraklion with Lady Beetles

by Catherine Strisik

I am soft with healing after
I am luxuriant with good fortune after
I am cloaked by lady beetles a scent of salted olive, my nature after ...

the condor is a scavenger

by Amy Katherine Cannon

makes simple nests in caves or clefts eats large amounts of carrion

  especially susceptible to poisoning was poached almost to extinction ...