Profoundly Shaped by Immigration, Today’s Hawai‘i Chafes Under Federal Restrictions

A State With a Mixed Record on Immigrants Finds Itself Fighting to Do More for Newcomers

Hawai‘i has a mixed record of welcoming migrants, but even its best efforts are now being stymied by a federal government that is working against those who wish to come to the state, said panelists at a Zócalo/Daniel K. Inouye Institute “Talk Story” event in Honolulu.

The panel discussion, titled “Does Hawai‘i Welcome Immigrants?” and held before a full house at Artistry Honolulu, drew together a Hawai‘i-born historian of immigration, a leading immigration lawyer, a refugee services professional, and the state’s former attorney general.

Under questioning from the moderator Catherine Cruz, …

Putting Kids on the Map

A Youth Wellbeing Report Card for the State Shows California Barely Makes the Grade

In 2010, faculty and staff affiliated with the UC Davis Center for Regional Change, where we work, set out to build maps showing how California’s youth are doing at the …